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The ferrosynthetic process reduces the entropy of the rusting mass to form new life forms never seen by nature. Iron and its oxides work together to make something that was not there before. Some look like plants. These are the ferrofloridic creations.


The same process that produces ferroflora also produces ferrofauna. These are self organized rusting entities that came together to form sometimes frightening creatures. Good thing they move so slowly. If they were fast, we might be in danger.


These are some of the most amazing products of Ferrosynthesis. The piles of rust have eyes and see us as we walk past them. They read minds and desire to emulate what they see. All they need is the application of heat and hopefully a little intelligent design.


Some of the rust gets together and is neither flora, fauna nor fella, but something else indeed


Art is not all 3 dimensional.


Ferrosculpture in its natural habitat

Ferro Farm Stuff

Collaborative Concepts Saunders Farm Show