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Ferrosynthesis is like photosynthesis. The latter is driven by the energy of the sun and natural selection. The former is driven by rust and intelligent design. The differences are obvious.

Hollywood Vine

Movies are the pyramids of our time. There is nothing more important in our culture, so it's no surprise that after a ferrosynthetic surge a vine that looks like a Bell and Howell was found growing

David's Gardens

They grow in the sunlight and they grow in the shade. Their flowers bloom once and forever, changing color with the power of rust

Diaspora Tree

Except for the very few, we are all from a people somewhere else, scattered to the four corners of a round earth.


The rust flowers, too.


Boletas and Chantarelles beware. There is competitiion growing under our feet

Big Plants

They're tall and look like nothing else in the world. Ferrosynthesis enables massive plants to grow and thrive