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Maxwell's Fine Arts is a delightful gallery in Peekskill,NY, only a few blocks from the Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Arts. They have a beautiful sculpture garden and a small gallery space for flat works. There is quite a collection of works on paper that is also available in conjunction with the sculpture show. Max and Dana are artists and art teachers (Max in College of New Rochelle and Dana in the Whie Plains school system) who operate this gallery seasonally on the weekend. The 2007 show had nine local artists with quite a variety of work. I felt good with my stuff here since all the other work is so good.

Peekskill is worth the trip

Max's Tree
Evolved due to natural and designed forces for Peekskill

Dana's Garden

Other Pieces
Other pieces in the garden

More of the garden

Tree and Ball

DanaMax and Tree

This one's cool